Government launches new Boiler Plus legislation

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Boiler Plus, launched by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, encourages energy efficiency by mandating requirements for heating systems, setting out new expectations regarding what both manufacturers and installers have to deliver.

This policy requires a new minimum performance standard for domestic gas boilers of 92% ErP plus all new combination boiler installations must include one of the following as part of the central heating system:

• Flue gas heat recovery system
• Weather Compensation
• Load Compensation
• Smart controls featuring automation and optimisation functions

The aim of these new regulations is to improve the overall efficiency of central heating systems, delivering cost savings through reduced energy usage in the long-term. They are also instrumental in the UK meeting its ErP Directive obligations to reduce carbon emissions.


East & Gray have remained at the forefront of delivering high quality and energy efficient heating solutions in Hertfordshire for over 60 years. Our fully qualified and registered Gas Safe engineers undergo regular, professional training to ensure that their skills remain up to date allowing us to offer our customers the very best advice. 

We are approved installers for many products, including the latest NEST learning thermostats, which are very clever, web-enabled programmer/thermostats that know what the weather outside is doing, how long your house takes to warm up and maximises the efficiency of your system to save you money.

When we provide you with a quotation to replace your boiler, we ensure that everything necessary is included to maximise energy efficiency and remain compliant with all legislation. To remain completely transparent, we show you a breakdown of the costs for each element of the work. We tell you what is necessary to meet the minimum requirements set out by Government and what is optional, so that you can decide exactly how you are spending your money and know that you are investing wisely.

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